From Easter to Mother’s Day and everything in between

Home décor that looks spring-like and fresh doesn’t have to mean going out and buying a bunch of things you may not need.  I like to extend the season and stretch décor that may work thru a longer period and then on those special holidays infuse your table or other special areas with something special.   Here are some ideas for Easter and Spring décor that won’t cost you a fortune, but will add a glow to the place you call home.

Consider these essentials:

Craft paper, or brown paper bags shredded to create an Easter Basket.
Gather a collection of small glass vases and use fresh cut green sprigs for a centerpiece or entry display
Frame antique Easter Postcards for a fun and warm welcome
Use a Cake Plate you may have around the house to make a centerpiece “village” of everything spring
Collect your pastel plates for an arrangement on a bookshelf
Fill white opaque glass bowls with a rainbow of jelly beans
Use brussel sprouts to make a topiary with arts and crafts floral cone material and cover base with moss
Try a glass vase in vase technique with flowers in the center vase and carrots or letters on the outer vase and touch up with raffia string
Use branches that flower and store in a vase with water to watch their spring blooms come to life.  Ideas here
Consider fresh cut tulips

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Easy Easter and Other Spring Décor Ideas