Update instead

It is a bad idea to want to remodel rooms in the house right before the holiday. Even repainting a room can take two to three days to accomplish. There are other ways to make the house look fresh and inviting rather than replacing the cupboards and counter top in the kitchen or ripping up the carpet and putting down wood floors. Do not add to the stress the holidays already loads upon us every year. Take a different approach and don’t remodel. Just change a few easy things and get rid of excess clutter.

Tidy Up the Kitchen

The first thing that needs to be done before the holidays is to get rid of excess clutter and clean the house. Start in the kitchen and remove anything you aren’t going to need from the countertops. Clean the appliances so they are sparkling clean. That way you won’t be embarrassed by a guest going into a cluttered refrigerator and trying to pry the jelly jar off the shelf. Clean the oven and you will not have a smoky flavor to your turkey or ham. Clean out the dishwasher so it is clean and working to its best ability. Make sure the floor of the kitchen and all bathrooms are clean and tidy.

Spruce Up the Dining Room

The dining room table frequently becomes a repository for any paper you don’t know what to do with. Go through all those papers and magazines and get rid of what you do not need. Bundle up the rest and rubber band them in categories. Bills should all be together, menus from take out together, and so on. Put them in a box to be stored until after the holidays or find an appropriate drawer to put them in. Dust off that dining room table and put a table cloth and on with a centerpiece. Make sure all the dining chairs are uncluttered and clean. Get in between all the spokes of the chair with some all-purpose cleaner and wash the chair cushions and freshen them up if you can.

Make the Living & Family Room Comfortable

Clean the carpet in the living or family room, or clean up the tile or wood floors. Get rid of any clutter and hide it away for a while. Vacuum off all the lampshades so they are not dusty and shine up the wood furniture in the home. Spray some Febreze on the cloth furniture and use a wax warmer with scented waxes to scent the room. Just keep them out of reach of pets and children and always unplug them when no one is in the room. Add a centerpiece of silk flowers or some holiday inspired decorations to the end tables and the coffee table and place a candy dish of candy kisses or other wrapped candy in so guests can have one if they choose. Put some afghans on the chairs and sofa so guests that get a little chilly can wrap up and be warm. A new area rug will do wonders to update the room and you can use them on hard floors or floors with carpeting with a special material underneath so they do not shift. A new lamp can also upgrade a room and make it look nicer.

Make the Bathroom Luxurious

Purchase some new bath and hand towels, roll them in sets, tie with a ribbon and set them in a basket. Your guests can take these towels and use them while they are visiting. Install a new shower curtain so everything looks new and fresh. Place a basket of sample size soaps, shampoos and other sundries in a basket for the taking. A new mirror in the bathroom will make the bathroom look new without even painting the walls. Get new bath mats and toilet surrounds that match the new shower curtain and install a disposable cup dispenser so that everyone can have their own cup when brushing their teeth.

Little things go a long way when trying to update the house for guests during the holidays. You don’t have to make a big fuss and do a whole make over. Just add a little bit here and there and do a general clean up to make things look fresh and delightful.