A couple supplies & an afternoon is all you need to dress the home for Thanksgiving.

This year, we’re putting together some Thanksgiving decorations that you can make yourself: fast, crafty and super-simple decorative accents you can add to the dinner table, entrance, sideboard, or anywhere in the home! Check out some of our favorite Thanksgiving decoration ideas below.

Get Gilded

Simple is best, and everything looks good gilded! Make a centerpiece of artificial fruit or vegetables–for example, pomegranates, apples or even pumpkins–and cover with copper leaf. You may arrange them in a bowl or plate.

Rustic & Cute Vases

You can make a beautifully rustic set of vases by collecting some mason jars, giving them a fresh coat of paint and stenciling or decoupaging seasonal designs, or perhaps spelling out a message (like “FALL”). Once your jars are finished, put an arrangement of beautiful fall flowers in each!

Celebrate the Family

Thanksgiving is best spent with friends and family brought together to show their appreciation for one another. Don’t leave out the dearly departed! Set space on the table for photographs of loved ones whom have passed, adding candles and seasonal accents to surround the display. Because they’ll be near food, use reproductions rather than the original photos. Finally, allow your guests the moment to reminisce!

Box Grater Lights

This nostalgic mood lighting solution will whisk you away to simpler times. Simply make an arrangement of box graters (vintage is best) on a tray. Put LED tea lights inside the graters, but you can use real candles outside. Place a bed of acorns on the remaining space of the tray for the finishing touch!

A Thankful Tree

This decoration looks great, and also serves as a nice exercise to explore the things you and your family are truly thankful for. Put together this delicate, seasonal tree adorned with all the things you give thanks to. Find out how to put it together here!

A Natural Candlestick

Here’s a fun way to use pumpkins and gourds after Halloween: as candlesticks! All you need to do is hollow out their centers and stick a taper candle in. You can stack a couple gourds for added effect!

A Napkin Holder to be Thankful For

Even the smallest accents can be used for a decorative advantage. Here’s a quick idea for a DIY Thanksgiving napkin holder: just stamp a seasonal design on cardstock, punch a hole on each side and thread a ribbon through–that’s it!

Dining on a Bed of Leaves

Not real leaves, of course–keep those outside! But you can certainly throw together a fun, leafy table runner for Thanksgiving. Just cut large leaf shapes out of felt, then stitch them together. Make sure to overlap the leaves to add visual interest, and feel free to use whatever color palette matches the room–there’s no need to feel limited to fall colors!

A Pinecone Greeting

Bored of wreaths? No problem! This Thanksgiving, greet guests at the door with a pinecone door hanging. Collect a handful of pinecones and hot glue each to its own silk ribbon. Once the glue is dried, stagger the ribbon to varied lengths and tie together.

Faux Apple and Flower Centerpiece:

Watch the Video on Cindy’s How To Fall Decor Centerpiece idea here: