Make Hanukkah Extra Special This Year By Hand-making Your Decor

Your guests will certainly leave your gathering singing your praises if you incorporate these ideas into your holiday decor. These decorations are just as simple as they are thoughtful and will add a more personal touch to your celebration.

Idea #1: Wrap miniature boxes in silver or white paper and tie them with blue ribbon for a sweet homemade menorah. Stack two boxes in the center, then place tea candles in small votives on top to complete the project.

Idea #2: Cut stars out of decorative craft paper. Decorate them with glitter or beads, then cut a hole in the middle for a tapered candle. Gorgeous!

Idea #3: Use Hanukkah bracelets to wrap the table napkins together. These bracelets can be purchased at many craft stores. The good thing about this is guests will be able to take home a small token from the night!

I hope these simple ideas have inspired you! Celebrate!