Decorating your walls with flair and creativity!

Want to decorate your new apartment or spruce up a room that needs a change? You’re in luck! The HomeWizards are back with great ways to decorate your walls by using one of these cost effective and fun DIY projects.

Tape It

Buy a piece of canvas. Create a crazy design. Then, put masking tape over the whole thing. When you peel off the masking tape, you’ll create a cool pattern. If you do right angles, you can even create one of those trendy herringbone looks easy and simply.

Fabric Fun

You can frame a cool fabric pattern to create something more visually appealing or even wrap an existing piece of styrofoam or wood with fabric and hang it to create a one of a kind piece of artwork.

Farm Window

If you have a lot of pictures to display, why not repurpose an old window frame? You can put the pictures in the frame, and it can look even cooler than a regular frame.

Scrabble Board

Making a magnetic Scrabble Board that’s larger than life is a fun way to bring life to a space. Just buy a good supply of vintage Scrabble tiles and glue sturdy magnets to the back of the pieces. Next, buy a piece of square sheet metal and add a piece of thin plywood trim to create “the board”. Once you hang the board with all the pieces on it, you’ll can create a huge Scrabble board that guests can play with. To make it look even more eye-catching, you could cover the sheet metal with pages of an old dictionary.

DIY Decals For Rentals

You can turn a print of your instagram into an adhesive decal. These decals can peel off your walls again – it’s a great way to do a mural feeling, especially on a rental. Liquid starch can be used to adhere fabric to a wall without leaving a mark. It’s easy to peel off and safely get your deposit on your rental!

Pixelized Photos

You can open the photo that you want to work with in Photoshop. It can turn into tiles – little squares in the strips – it looks like a blurry series of squares. You can superimpose a 12″ by 12″ photo to blow an image up and then transpose it onto the wall.

Secret Stash

Get a framed canvas with art on one side, and then use inner hinges to attach it to the wall to create a secret storage area – you can create something cool, your own “secret stash.”

A, B, C

Buy letters from a craft store and spraypaint them to look metallic. You could, for instance, write “EAT” in the kitchen. Or you could be like Eric and add initials to personalize your kids’ towel rack.


Add gold, cheap wrapping paper to a foam board. Next, pin sequins into the board and let them shimmer and flutter. If you add a light source to it, it can create the feel of a retro DIY mirrored wall.

Add A Message

Purchase an old, basic pastoral painting at a thrift store. Buy stencil letters, cut them out, and put a saying right on top of the vintage painting. You could paint white over the entire thing and pull the letters off to reveal an elegant, creative, and fun message.

Balsa Wood

Paint sticks different colors and then add them to a frame – it’ll give you an interesting texture and Mondrian’ish. You can also do this with wooden dowel rods, that are inexpensive and found at crafting supply stores.

Christmas Lights

Buy a stretch canvas. Pencil dots on the back 1/2 an inch apart. Press a hole through the canvas and push Christmas lights in through the holes. Voila! It’s a series of lights on a canvas – note – you have to be conscious of an electrical source for this one, or you will need to link up a battery light source for the lights.


Put a bunch of small mirrors together in a frame. You can even layer the frames. You could put one behind, one in front, so there are three layers on the wall.

CD Jewel Cases

Fill a series of empty CD Jewel cases with photos and mount them on the wall to create an eye-catching photo display.

These are just the tip of the iceberg! Check out more ideas from the full Home Wizards Radio Show: