Make the most out of disposable goods!

The amount of garbage your average family accumulates is incredible, and while disposable goods can be very convenient, too much of it can be a waste of good materials or money. Whether it’s a disposable product you intentionally buy, or a byproduct from something else, think twice before tossing or recycling any good! We’re constantly looking for ways to reuse, repurpose and upcycle goods, but here’s a few ideas on disposable goods you might actually want to use again and again.

1. Dryer sheets: Throw them in drawers to keep clothes smelling good. You can also clean your iron by running over a dryer sheet on medium heat.

2. Small plastic containers (from yogurt or other packaged food): Save these for seedlings! 

3. Twist ties: These have so many uses for keeping things together! Save and use twist ties from the grocery store to keep small belongings together when carrying them on the go. Keep small cables organized. Of course, you can keep baggies closed as well.

4. Plastic utensils: You shouldn’t use the same plastic utensils for more than a week for sanitary reasons (repeated washing and use can create crevices to harbor bacteria, and plastic will break down over time) but there’s no reason not to use plastic cutlery a day or two to make your overall stash of plastic utensils last.

5. Chinese takeout containers: Don’t throw them away–wash them out! Like with plastic utensils, you won’t want to use these for too long if you’re going to place food back in them. But DO continue to use these as easy catch-all containers for your workspace–or to hold cute knick knacks for funky decor.

6. Tissue boxes: Turn these into a place for storing old plastic bags. Just like with tissues, plastic bags will dispense easily–and you’ll be able to keep them out of sight for good. Keep a small one in the car! (Wanna learn how you can repurpose all those plastic bags from the store? Check out our ideas here!)

7. Aluminum foil: Because it’s so durable, you can clean foil and fold it up for use later. Don’t wad it in a ball; lay it flat, then fold cleanly. 

8. Ziploc bags: There’s so much to do with these that it seems crazy to throw them away. A Ziploc filled with ice makes for a great compress, and bags filled with air can be used for easy packing material.

9. Paper towel rolls: Save rolls for wrapping cords and keeping them untangled!

10. Cereal box liners: Clean the crumbs out of these bags and use them for covering food in the microwave. This will save on paper towels that you might otherwise use for this purpose! You can also stack meat patties with cereal box bags when freezing.