Channel your inner Zen with these simple home changes.

There’s no end to keeping a home tidy, and often you might find yourself drowning under the clutter. If you find yourself feeling stressed the moment you’ve walked into a messy home, consider taking some time to transform it into a peaceful reprieve. Often, organizing a peaceful home is simply a matter of making a few minor changes or modest investments. Here are some simple steps you can take to clear your home–and your mind.


The simplest way–and a great place to begin–to encourage a peaceful home atmosphere is to de-clutter. Clean up the stack of magazines, get rid of dust, put away the books. Once you’ve de-cluttered effectively, make the habit of clearing surfaces each day so clutter doesn’t rear its ugly head again. Finally, clear everything off the floors; keep clothes in the hamper, and hide that hamper away in the closet.

Get rid of bad associations

Do you have bad memories attached to that tschotske your mother-in-law gave you? Or maybe there’s a photo on the mantle of someone you’d rather not remember. Take stock of things in your home that invite bad thoughts or stress–and hide them away! You can also break out things that give you good associations–like scents!–and bring them to the forefront.

Get into nature

Surrounding yourself with natural elements gives you the chance to appreciate beauty wherever you look. We recommend embracing the elements: have some green (earth), invest in a small indoor fountain (water), candles or incense (fire). Note that candles also add an excellent source for soft lighting in addition to scent. If you want tips on bringing nature indoors, check out our handy guide.

Open the windows

If the weather allows, keep your windows open for a soothing breeze and the sounds of the environment. Consider getting wind chimes, or a bird feeder for the sound of chirping. Too cold to open the windows? Leave the curtains open to let the sunshine in, and do away with harsh artificial lighting.

Texture & balance

Strike the balance between hard and soft textures in your home. Soft, plush blankets and furniture are cozy–while hard, angular furniture bring stability to mind. You’ll want to juggle both in any given room for peace of mind.

Replace the TV with music

Take the TV out of your main living space. This might sound crazy, but a blaring TV can be heard throughout the home and discourages conversation and quieter activities. If you’re able, move it to another room, and keep a stereo in the living room for your favorite jams. If you can’t move the TV, consider turning on a music channel to play in the background instead of a talking head.

Go wireless

A tangle of wires can passively encourage stress and clutter, so do away with wires whenever possible. You might also want to consolidate gadgets, such as setting up one specific charging station to charge phone, tablets and more. 

Keep the bed made & linens in order

Fold and store away any linens that aren’t in use. If you have the space, store linens in the rooms they are likely to be used in: extra sheets in a bedroom, blankets in the living room, etc. And speaking of the bedroom, make your bed at the start of each day for a clean, peaceful look.