Create a calm setting for yoga and more.

Getting a good workout means putting some stress on the body, not your mind. That’s why it’s important to create a calm space for exercising: you’ll want to be be able to enter your fitness room with a clear mind and spirit so you can leave revitalized and refreshed. Making a fitness space more calming is a simple matter of de-cluttering and adding some atmospheric touches; here are some simple tips on making a cleaner, more soothing space.

Work on the color.

It’s no secret that colors can have a profound effect on our emotions. So the easiest way to get started in creating a calm fitness space is to go with a cool or neutral pick. Off-white or gray is great, but feel free to spice things up with a light blue or yellow. Whatever you pick, note that an accent wall is always a great option for adding some pizzazz and jazzing up a subdued look.

Get green.

Add some plants to your calming fitness space! Plants add some much-needed life to a room, and can really add to a space that might otherwise appear sterile. But plants are useful in this space outside of simple decor purposes; they’ll clean out the air, which means you’ll be breathing better while getting fit.

Develop a space for inspiration.

You can’t get fit without motivation! A dedicated meditation or motivation space can boost your focus in a workout. If your room will be used primarily for yoga, try setting up a calming Buddha altar. A soothing nature scene can also be a great focal point for a workout–try to channel the power of Mother Nature when exercising gets tough!

Make space.

Space out your fitness area, or you won’t have any room to comfortably move! A spacious room leaves a clear mind, and providing ample space for movement means your room will be de-cluttered as well. If your space is cluttered and hectic, you’ll find yourself fatigued or stressed out the moment you enter the room–and we don’t need another reason to avoid working out.

Organize & hide unused equipment.

This goes with our earlier tip of de-cluttering: put away any equipment you won’t be using in a session. Often, workout equipment isn’t very calming or attractive–so hide it whenever possible. A nice storage unit or drawers can turn an ugly pile of weights into a nice, organized setup.

Go with smart lighting.

Ditch the florescent lighting and go for an even greener alternative: the sun! Soak in some vitamin D while getting your workout in a bright–but not overwhelmingly harsh–space. Can’t workout during the day? Invest in some dimmers or nice mood lighting so you can keep a calm space.

Bring in the aroma.

To put the finishing touches on your soothing fitness space, you’ll have to incorporate some aroma therapy. Use potpourri or candles–but remember that less is more when it comes to scent. Don’t overpower your room by soaking in a citrus-and-pine-flavored haze, but do enjoy a lavender candle or two.