Set the stage with a beautiful foyer.

As the point of entry, your home’s foyer is the first room guests will see and walk through when visiting. This makes it an essential space for making an impression! When setting the stage for your home, be sure to devote some attention to this important room–and if yours is sorely in need of a makeover, look no further than these simple tips.

1. Use a runner for foyers and halls, or an area rug for more open spaces.

Often we worry about what to do with the walls, but the floors are important, too! A runner or rug can add some much-needed color or texture to an entryway. Be sure not to get the edge of a runner or rug too close to the door; you’ll want space for opening the door and letting your guests in!

2. Go with an entryway wardrobe.

Depending on the season, you might have outerwear that you’re itching to take off the moment you step through the door–a heavy winter coat, slick rain boots–so have your foyer ready for putting these accessories on and off. Hooks, hanging cubby holes and a bench with built-in storage in the foyer can look good while providing everything you need to dress up or dress down when passing through the door.

3. Go bold with artwork.

This is an idea that’s great even for foyers that are short on space. One big, bright or bold piece of artwork can wow your guests the moment they enter your home. If you don’t have the space for a full tableau, try a single large bouquet, sculpture or piece of wall art for similar effect.

4. Get cozy.

A small table and chair set up by the door gives an instant, easy cozy feel to your home. This doesn’t have to be something fancy; try thrift store finds or furniture salvaged from the street for something that appeals to you.

5. No foyer? No problem!

Not everyone has a dedicated foyer space. If your home opens directly into the living room or other open space, set up a screen divider to partition the area. You can set up a little table, lamp and other decor here to serve as your instant, custom entryway!

6. Focus on a corner.

This is another idea for those short on space: pick just a corner by your front door and jazz it up! Try an umbrella holder filled with whimsical trinkets–peacock feathers? Vintage canes?–or a small step stool decorated with vintage boots thrown atop. Your small corner can be just as impressive as a full foyer, so use it to show off your style.

7. Fill a staircase with photos.

This is a popular entryway strategy: fill the wall with photos that guests can view while walking up the stairs. Pick a motif or theme to unify every image, such as family photos viewed in chronological order. To keep things dynamic, play with different heights or frames.

8. Something seasonal.

Do you enjoy having guests over for seasonal holidays and occasions? Reflect the festive spirit with seasonal decor. This can be decking the halls with boughs of holly or simply putting a seasonal flower by the door. Show your guests that you’re in the spirit of the season while keeping your home’s design fresh.

9.  Get colorful.

A creative wall display or bold color can grab guests’ attention immediately. Try a bright wall color in an entryway that receives a lot of light for a vibrant feel. A wall that’s busy with photos is an attractive and popular way to go, while a collection of mirrors creates the illusion of more space.

10. Keep organized.

A foyer table can be a great place to throw keys, receipts and other artifacts from your day–but don’t get it messy. Invest in a tray or other organization tool for a clean feel