Because televisions are so important in our lives, we must figure out how to decorate around a TV so that it stands out or melds into the design.

The television has become the focal point of the living room and family room and even appears in the design of the bedroom.  TV’s are big and hard not to notice although smaller ones are available. It seems we are trying to create a movie theater screen and that doesn’t always fit into the style of our homes.  Using the following tips on how to decorate around a TV will help you to make the TV look like it belongs there.


Placing a flat screen TV above the mantle on the fireplace is a popular practice. It combines two focal points in one killing two birds with one stone. The fireplace is usually the focal point of the room and putting the TV in the same place is common sense. However, there are those purists that think the fireplace mantel is only for show casing ornate clocks, candlesticks and the manger scene at Christmas.  Some people find that mounting the TV above the mantel makes it hard to view unless you lie down on the sofa.


Mounting the TV on the wall is another common practice.  Place it on the wall next to the mantle and on the other side hang a piece of art that is the same size. This will balance the TV in the room and leave you mantel free for your clock.


If you have a wall full of shelves and books, the TV has a place to go. Cut out some of the shelves and insert the TV so that the books flank it all around.  If you have a small TV, it can just sit on the shelves with the books. You can also build a niche into a wall.  The niche only needs to be a few inches wide to fit a flat screen.


Placing a picture frame around the TV and treating it like a piece of art brings notice and whimsy to the room.  The type of frame you use would depend on the design and style of the room.  If you have a Victorian decor you can take an ornate frame and paint it gold.  Traditional style might require a wood frame around the TV and modern style can take a frame that is painted a wild color.  A clean style would include a simple metallic frame in silver, gold, or black.  You can also add other framed art around the TV. Include family pictures, photos and paintings with the framed TV for an interesting grouping.


Placing the TV in a closed cabinet hides it away when no one is watching.  Smaller TV’s will fit in to a corner cabinet or armoire, but larger ones may require you to have a cabinet built to size. You can also hide the wall mounted TV away by moving a large piece of artwork in front of it. Hang the art on decorative rope that is attached to a sliding track on the ceiling and move it back and forth. Some bed frames, countertops and other furniture are built to have a TV that recesses into it when not in use. When you want to watch just press a button to have it rise up.


Everyone has a TV in their hose so it is a bit ridiculous to try and hide it. Just put the TV on the wall or get an entertainment center for it to sit on. Entertainment centers allow you to set up all the electronics, like your recorders, video games and players in one place and they come in a variety of styles to fit any decor.  Go big and keep the TV in a special room all to itself called the Media Room.  Put big lounge chairs and other comfortable furniture in that room.


Arrange furniture so that there is a clear view of the TV in the room.  Also be cognoscente of windows because they can make it hard to see the TV. Try not to situate the TV across from them because the light will cause glare.  A trick to make the TV a real focal point is to paint the wall it is mounted on an accent color. Perhaps your room is painted sage green. Paint the TV wall a dark forest green or another color in your furniture or rug.


These suggestions should help you to learn how to decorate a room around a TV in your home. Either mount it, build it in, frame it, hide it or make it a focal point with or without the fireplace.  It all depends on your style and taste.

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This post is adapted from the May 31, 2014 episode of Home Wizards that was released on iTunes June 4, 2014. You can find this segment during hour two of the podcast.