Spook out the whole neighborhood with these scary decorations!

Halloween is coming fast, but you still might be scrambling for ideas on how to dress up your front porch for the big night! We’ve already told you everything you need to know about pumpkins, but what else can you do? Here’s a list on all sorts of decorations, from bewitching artifacts to ghostly lights and shadows–all of which are simple crafts you can whip up in no time.

Spooky Spill

Make a toxic, poisonous spill–but not really! Outline a puddle shape on melamine, then fill it in with glue. Once it’s try, put your glue shape on the porch beside an empty bottle. Label the bottle with a skull and crossbones. You can remove the glue from the melamine and put it inside the bottle. Now, stick some fake insects to feast on your puddle!

Snakes at the Door

Few animals are as scary as snakes, so greet your guests with a good scare! Get a bunch of rubber snakes and spray paint them black for a uniform look. Take a few and cut in half, then arrange them around a plastic foam board so the snakes peek out over the edges. Glue on the snakes, then set your board under a doormat. Watch your feet!

Witch Urn

This decoration is frightening but silly! Stick two mannequin legs upside down in a moss-filled urn. Give the legs some witchy striped panty hoe, and give it some shoes or boots!

Witches’ Cauldron

You can never go wrong with a big cauldron or two on the porch. Fill your cauldrons with spray-foam insulation. Once dry, spray paint a yellow-green color on the insulation, then glue some creepy motifs: bugs snakes, eyeballs and more!

Wheelbarrow of Bones

Here’s a simple one. Take any old wheelbarrow and fill it with dirt. Throw in some plastic bones straight from an imaginary graveyard! Wheel your spooky dirt heap to the porch–and don’t forget a trowel or shovel!

Ghoulish Gourds

Hang  tangle of vines and dead branches down from your porch rafters for a creepy, tangled trellis trick-or-treaters will have to pass! Paint gourds white and give them ghostly faces, then hang those too. For a dramatic effect, have a light source to cast frightening shadows from this decoration.

Skull Collection

We’re not just hanging gourds! How about a voodoo-inspired hanging skull collection? Take a group of plastic skulls from your local craft store and spray paint them in whichever color you want. Use double-sided tape to stick twine to the backs of each, then hang them together from a plant hook or screw eye.

Witches’ Brooms

If cauldrons weren’t enough, why not throw in a witch’s favorite form of transport? Make a broom or two and pair with some buckled shoes. This decoration isn’t very scary, but the handmade charm of a witch’s broom embraces the fall atmosphere.

Flock of Flying Bats

Make a whole family of bats with some stiff felt! Fold a sheet of stiff felt in half, then use white chalk to outline half a bat’s shape so that it will be doubled when you cut it out and unfold. Repeat for as many bats as you’d like! Use tape to stick them on the outer wall or windows of your house.

Blank Masks

If you have a porch light, cover it with a plain white mask (like this one) for an eerie, suspiciously watchful face.