Go big screen for Halloween in 2014. Get creative with your favorite new movie characters.

Neighbor Teddy

If you’re having the neighbors over, why not dress like your favorite character from the movie? You can be the best frat president ever with a Mohawk wig, an open leather jacket and a bottle of booze. A cat would help too, though a stuffed one probably would be safer, at least for the cat.


It’s a monster for the ages, and for all ages. Make a Godzilla costume for you or your child with a fuzzy green pajama set or green hoodie. Add felt spikes along the back, some hideous teeth, reptile slippers and plenty of swagger and attitude.

Lloyd and Harry

It doesn’t take much smarts to dress up as the Dumb & Dumber duo. But remember, there are two of them. Lloyd needs a bowl-cut wig and chipped tooth, preferably from a mouthful. Harry needs messy blonde hair. Add a few T-shirts, jeans and sweatjackets and subtract some IQ, and you might win the prize for best costume.

A Young Stephen Hawking

Take a cue from Eddie Redmayne and play the Young Stephen Hawking for a night. You’ll need to look much more intelligent than Lloyd or Frank, or Lloyd, Frank and most people they meet put together. Find some black glasses, a nice suit and a cane. It also makes a great couple costume if you add a lovely bride named Jane to your other arm.

A Tough John Wick

Keanu Reeves plays a tough guy in this movie, so why shouldn’t you? And it’s an easy costume to pull together at the last minute. A black suit jacket and tie, hair parted in the middle, a few scars and plenty of nicely trimmed facial hair. The fake gun is optional, but the beagle is a must. If you can use a real one, you’ll be a hit with the ladies.


Strap on a black leather jumpsuit, or piece together the look, and add some nice bold shoulder pads. You’ll have to add a bow and arrow to make it real and pull your hair into a braid. If you can pull off some giant, dark wings, you’ll win the game on Halloween night.

Your Favorite Lego

This might be easier to pull off with real Legos, but kids will love dressing up as their favorite Lego characters. Nothing beats a painted or felt-covered cardboard box. And good guy Emmett only needs a blue long-sleeved shirt and a hard hat painted red. An all-black costume creates Wildstle, along with a side ponytail and the requisite splashes of turquoise and purple. El Macho Wrestler is a yellow shirt covered by a red box, a red hoodie and a white cape.

Zero the Lobby Boy

Want to be the host of the high-rise party? Dress as Zero the Lobby Boy from the Grand Budapest Hotel. Add a stripe to a tight purple outfit and a round cap. Add “Lobby Boy” to the cap and take your work seriously.


The all-black cape and scepter might be easy to track down, and the make-up will be fun to try, though who else but Angelina has those cheekbones? The horns might be a little trickier, but you can always get a horned headband and tie a shiny black scarf around them.