How to Make Cindy’s Easy Spring “Peeps” Centerpiece

If you don’t have a square glass vase yet, please do get at least one!  They are inexpensive, and one of my go-to staples for seasonal centerpieces!  And for Spring,  it is ideal to use as the foundation for a cute and easy decoration you can make quickly with some Easter candy, Spanish Moss, a smaller vase ( to go inside the square vase) and the spring flowers of your choice, daffodils , tulips you name it.


1- Square Glass Vase

2- Smaller vase to hold water and flowers inside ( note make sure it is shorter than your square vase so it is hidden)

3- 1 bag of Spanish Moss ( this adds more height to fill the square vase and creates a “nest” look that is cute)

4- Easter Jelly Beans – 4 bags

5- Peeps marshmallow candies – 4 packages ( I mixed up classic yellow with purple for fun)4-

6- Daffodils, or tulips, or, your choice!


1-Make sure your smaller vase will stand and stay inside your larger square vase.  Test for height and balance. Then move to the side.

2- Fill your square vase with Spanish Moss – about 1 third full.  ( Note you can also go all Jelly Beans, but in this case you’ll need 6 – 8 bags easily to fill it up so it hides your smaller vase inside)

3-Position your smaller vase- now with water and flowers inside-  so it stands on the square vase but looks like it’s nestled on the moss.

4- Sprinkle your jelly beans on top of the moss. This should almost reach to the top of the smaller vase.

5- Take your Peeps out of the container, keeping them connected and position them face out , on top of the jelly beans, just beneath the top ridge of the glass square vase.  For my vase I used 4 across in yellow on two sides, and then 3 across in purple on the other two sides.

Enjoy and Happy Spring!