Organize a storage and work space for craft supplies and craft projects

Whether the extent of your craftiness is regular gift wrapping or full-blown family involvement in handmade holiday gifts, you need a place to store all of the supplies. A well-designed craft closet can restore order to your projects and home. And you even can create a new crafting workspace.

Start with an underutilized closet in your house. Clear it out, removing hanging bars, etc., so you can start with a blank slate. For a simple wrapping station or work space, measure a cut a piece of plywood the size of the interior to use as a flat worktop. Then place it at the height that matches the chair or stool you’ll use and screw in level 1 x 2 boards around the closet’s perimeter. Set your plywood on top and you’ve got a wrapping or crafting table.

You can use dowels to hold wrapping paper above the table, hang a pair of scissors, and wrap any gift quickly and easily. No more searching for used and beat-up paper under the bed!

To organize craft items, go vertical, planning your purchased or homemade shelves to match the types of craft items you want to store. You can use L-brackets for shelving or the same 1 x 2 system you used for the table to add shelves above and under the table as needed.

Try these storage and organization ideas to keep your closet organized:

  • We love mason jars. You don’t even have to label these or other see-through button, bead and trinket containers.
  • Add painted pegboard on all or a portion of the back wall to hang small pins or hooks for scissors, tools or racks.
  • You can purchase rolling stacked drawers to hold papers and other craft supplies and roll them out of the closet. Or make your own “drawers” out of shoeboxes, decorative baskets or plastic containers.
  • Label everything that’s not clear!
  • Use the door. Don’t waste the space on a door that opens out; hang a few flat items on it, like clipboards with your closet inventory, or lists of items you need and current or future projects.
  • If the door’s in your way, a draw-back curtain can hide the items when you’re not crafting.

Already short on closet space? You still can organize craft items, using many of the same ideas. Find and repurpose an old armoire or antique secretary. Most office or home improvement stores have portable shelving you can fit inside, or if it’s sturdy, use the 1 x 2 method to add shelving where it’s lacking.

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