Cindy and Eric do a special edition of Home Wizards focusing on the Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronic show is a convention featuring the latest and greatest technology has to offer. In this first half hour Jim Berry gives a complete CES overview. Plus Paul Barnett from Next Gen Bulb discusses the bright future of lighting and Craig Spinner talks home automation with his Savant Control.

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Consumer Electronics Show Part 1/4

The Consumer Electronics Show special continues on with some tv talk in part two. Michael Alessi from LG TV explains the beauty and benefits of an LED TV. Malcolm Stanley from Verizon gives an update on some emerging mobile technology. Plus things get out of this dimension with talk of a 3D Converter!

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Consumer Electronics Show Part 2/4

More gadget talk from the Consumer Electronics Show with products designed to protect your devices. Everyone is attached at the hip with their mobile products these days and nothing compares to the pain felt from a damaged device. James Maynard from Fujitsu showcases their Water Phone Tablet. Plus the unstoppable Gorilla Glass. More gadget info with Mark Lumpkin from Dish and Kannyn TYLT talking phone accessories.

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Consumer Electronics Show Part 3/4

Cindy and Eric wrap up the Consumer Electronics Show with talk about the first real consumer 3D printer. The amazing 3D printer allows you to print objects that the consumer creates with the help of There are a multitude of uses for this truly amazing new product.

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Consumer Electronics Show Part 4/4

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