From the quarry to the bath!

This color palette is a bathroom inspired by rocks, stones and boulders! We searched for both authentic and real-looking stone accessories and furnishings for a classy granite-and-marble look with just a touch of honey-tinged yellow. This is a rather masculine bathroom look, and we think it will look best against a neutral wall and dark flooring or cabinets. Find out how to complete the look yourself below!

Color Palette - Rock n Roll - Home Wizards

For the Bath

The bold, dark print on this slate gray shower curtain sets the scene for this color palette, without overpowering everything else. In contrast, we’re laying down an ivory stone bath rug — it’s not really made of stone, but we love the faux-Zen pattern that feels sweet on the feet after a good shower.

Color Palette - Rock n Roll - Home Wizards

For the Countertop

Aside from the shower curtain, the anchor for this look is this ovular stone marble sink basin. It looks absolutely stunning, and was the very first item in this look we picked out! For even more of a stony look, we’ve picked out this affordable faux-stone tissue box. Put it and your other bath accessories on a slate serving tray repurposed from the kitchen. Because it’s slate, feel free to draw on some designs or words with chalk!

Color Palette - Rock n Roll - Home Wizards

The Spa Treatment

You’ll love soaking with a sponge that looks straight from the ocean, embracing the natural mineral theme of this palette. When taking a luxurious bath, include some of these light yellow tea lights, which come in whatever scent you choose upon purchase.

Color Palette - Rock n Roll - Home Wizards

Some Finer Things

Because we love the tissue box highlighted above, we also opted to include an accompanying fake stone wastebasket. Contrast the hard, bulky look with this elegant chrome toilet paper holder that blends with its surroundings. Because every bathroom needs a natural touch, we recommend adding in a delicate, fragile-looking flower; to make sure your decor lasts, try this vase of faux cherry blossoms.