Cozy up to a soft & sweet treat!

This week we’re going with something cool and sweet, with a palette inspired by mint and a dash of chocolate. Because this palette is so soothing, focusing on light green and teal against a warm gold, it’s a natural fit for a bathroom. Consider this palette the start for a more calming, spa-like experience in the bath or shower! This design looks best in a bathroom that gets lots of natural light. Take a bite out of our sweet treat below!



While it’s not very colorful, this ceramic oval sink basin is a treat. Its clean, comforting look is perfect for the overall soothing tone of this week’s palette. It sits right at home under this framed LED mirror, giving a soft glow with the slightest hint of teal in its edges.

mint-green-towels green-zebra-hide-towel mint-green-white-curtains


For simplicity’s sake, we’re running with solid mint green hand towels. But if you want something flashy, check out this green zebra hide towel! With it’s odd shape, it’ll look great on the floor to catch drips from the shower. And speaking of the shower, we love the soft color and simple pattern found on this green and white shower curtain.

aqua-glass-bottles gold-flameless-candles mint-green-gold-paper

Sweet Nothings

A set of aqua glass bottles looks breathtaking on the windowsill, but can hold flowers or simply stand decoratively on the countertop or shelving as well. We’re going to contrast all the mint, teal and aqua with some flameless gold candles. The shimmering golden golden bases will match great with these mint and gold paper centerpieces. Intended for the dining room, we think these small but intriguing doodads will make great accents to this bathroom look.

lisianthus-pink-bouquet mint-tufted-ottoman


Freshen up the space with a beautiful pink lisianthus bouquet. If you have a large bathroom with a vanity, we recommend this mint tufted ottoman to rest your rump while painting your face.