A relaxing design that wine lovers will love!

This palette features an array of textures and is all about a natural flavor. From cubist inspiration to a pouf shower curtain to even more whimsical materials and design, this palette has it all! And of course, we’ve placed color in the forefront: lilac, bright cyan and wood tones for a natural, relaxing bathroom. Check out our look below!

Color Palette - Lilac Mist - Home Wizards

Color Palette - Lilac Mist - Home Wizards

The Big Pieces

Because our big look is bright and angular, we think this cream white vanity rocks the space–it’s classic, subdued and boxy, letting the other pieces of the room stand out while having a dignity of its own. Hang some cube vanity lights above for a cubist look that modernizes the space. Meanwhile for the shower, we’re obsessed with this pouf shower curtain–we’ve picked lilac for the photo, but a light blue could work just as well for this palette.

Color Palette - Lilac Mist - Home Wizards

Ceramics and Glass

To inject a bright blue flavor, we’ve singled out this classic cyan vase. It has a beautiful, timeless shape–and its color is outrageous! But speaking of outrageous, check out this cute, four-legged soap dish. In it’s goofiness, it lightens up the stuffier, more classic motifs. Finally, this glass lily wall sconce is beautiful on its own or holding a flower.

Color Palette - Lilac Mist - Home Wizards

Natural Accents

Would you like more calla lilies than just wall sconces? Need something to put in that beautiful cyan vase? Go with purple lilies–they’re bold and will do well indoors! 

This repurposed mahogany bath mat adds another natural touch to the room, and compliments the cubist design of the vanity lights highlighted above. We love it!

Color Palette - Lilac Mist - Home Wizards

Let There be Wine

If you’re a wine drinker, you’ll be totally at home with this bathroom design. First, this wine barrel towel rack is clever and a little funny, made from a real barrel! And if you find yourself opening bottle after bottle, save the corks for this fun wine enthusiast cork serving tray. Trays are great to have in the bathroom for organizing toiletries–and this one is certainly unique!

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