A deliciously sweet and cute bedroom look!

This week’s color palette is inspired by lemon, with a healthy dose of yellows. The goal here is a bright, warm room that’s fun, stylish and bold. With just as much white furnishings as yellow, this palette would look great against light yellow walls.



Our anchor for this look is the stunning, eye-opening yellow floral comforter. Tie this in with an elegant white headboard with shelves for an easy place to stow away bedtime reading or essential oil and other knick-knacks for getting to sleep. To match, we’ve picked out this narrow white bedside table.



For lounging, we think this yellow cocktail ottoman looks elegant and comfortable, and is a welcome addition in this lemon-flavored palette. For a rustic contrast that’s no less cute, we’ve decided to bring a white adirondack chair indoors for a place to sit back and relax.



Tchotchkes galore! Try a candy dish on the dresser full of lemon-flavored candy for a sweet midnight treat and a little splash of color. We also like the look of this white and yellow striped vase–but what to put in it? How about some daffodils to kick the yellow up a notch?



As always, we’ve got some decorative pieces that are just as useful as they are visually interesting. The bold color of this ceramic table lamp will brighten up your bedroom without having to even be turned on. For another burst of brightness, try this golden sun mirror!