A warm, fun palette inspired by fruit.

This week’s palette makes liberal use of reds and greens, with a healthy touch of yellow. Inspired by a fruit harvest, this look is heavy on natural accents while still aiming for a modern, fun feel.



The Full Scope

You can hop on this fresh and juicy theme with a few big pieces, such as wall color and seating. We recommend a cream-colored wall, or perhaps a pale lemon. This warm, neutral look will go well with a pale green futon sofa that’s comfortable and without unnecessary frills. 

As for the walls, match the sofa with pale green, sheer floor-to-ceiling curtains. Finally, hone in on the fruit theme with citrus wall art by Martha Negley. All her work is great, but we think Fresh Grapefruits on canvas looks the best.


A Focus on Craftsmanship

We’ve roped in a funky, natural vibe by making sure to include some beautifully-made and stylish wooden pieces in this look. We love the rustic yet modern look of this oak, wheeled coffee table. And don’t leave an end table or credenza naked with this fresh wooden table lamp, brightening spirits.


A Touch of Red

So far we’ve shown a few green items in this look, and threw in some red elements for a nice, subdued contrast. A classic red plaid fringed blanket thrown over the futon will look great on cool nights, and can be used for a great picnic feel when reveling in this fruit-inspired theme. For smart storage, look no further than these cute red utility baskets.



Natural and Lively

The coffee table will look great under a bowl of fresh (or fake!) pears, and the ones pictured above inspired the red and green focus found in this look. Of course, you can substitute for other treats such as bananas, grapes, or whatever is in season! Another nice natural touch is an indoor palm, adding a full-bodied green flavor to a free corner. Finally, this red elephant seat was too cute to pass up, putting a little fauna in with the flora.