A coffee lover’s spa dream!

Remember our Cafe Latte color palette for the living room? How about taking inspiration from that for the bathroom? We’ve got a new coffee-flavored look, this time using darker colors for a relaxing, classy bathroom. Check out the flavors of our caffeinated look below!

Color Palette - Espresso Bath - Home Wizards

Big Pieces

Let’s start with the big pieces in this bathroom. First, this dark espresso vanity looks truly sophisticated, featuring a deep color and beautiful stone top. As for the bath, look no further than this hammered copper bathtub, which has an antique and eclectic style that we love.

Color Palette - Espresso Bath - Home Wizards

Natural Accents

This palette is full of nature! This small, bonsai palm tree looks cute on the countertop or windowsill, and goes great with the exotic theme that’s elaborated below. If you love the look of the palm, you’ll enjoy these pineapple finials for your curtain rod (note: these finials are for Cambria rods) adding a nice accent. Finally, we love this gilded leaf wall art to fill in empty space.

Color Palette - Espresso Bath - Home Wizards

Exotic Pieces

Go exotic with a few easy pieces! These espresso rope baskets fit perfectly with our palette, and make for a great place to put towels, toiletries or supplies for guests. This red oriental mirror is beautifully carved and painted; it adds a much-needed touch of brightness in the room. Want more red? Check out this oriental rug! It may seem crazy, but simply replace the tired bath mat with something a little more luxurious and beautiful!

Color Palette - Espresso Bath - Home Wizards

Eclectic Flair

We love this stone owl sculpture–it’s got a wild look! We think it’d look great on the countertop or even on some shelving. Meanwhile, this square chandelier is rather modern, but subdued enough that it will fit in easily with everything else. Juxtapose the look with eclectic and eccentric accents!