This week is all about contrasts in color and style.


This look is focused on being bright, exotic and playful. We’ve mixed some traditional, classy decor with fun modern shapes, all in an eye-popping orange/blue contrast that begs attention. This color palette will help wake you up in the morning, and thrives under bright sunlight, large windows and warm weather. Set a bed dressed in this bright blue and orange spread against a warm, orange wall to get started on this funky look.

The orange Napoli chair set in a bedroom corner or nook provides a comfortable reading space, but will look truly impressive against the contrasting turquoise floor-to-ceiling curtains.



Exotic Flair

Daydream of far-away destinations with a few decorative, exotic tschotskes. The Moroccan turquoise lantern is a classic look for late-night mood lighting, holding a small candle. Kids and adults can have fun with this African frog percussion, which makes delightful sounds when struck. Finally, the metallic pineapple sculpture set gives a natural feel to the room, while functioning as a symbol for hospitality.

The leaning teak book shelf is a great place to keep such trinkets, and we also recommend a viny or hanging plant (such as the hardy Hoya)


Going Modern

Our look is full of great classic, exotic pieces, but we’ve thrown in some fresh designs to keep things fun. Deck out a nightstand with this fabulous modern table lampOn the other side of the bed you can keep this simple, minimalist yet vibrant alarm clock.



A Feast of Flowers

Brighten everything further with some floral accents. This beautiful orange and turquoise flowered area rug wrangles in the whole palette together. To add some flavor to the wall, we’ve got this classic Van Gogh print, Almond Branches in Bloom.

Finally, we recommend a miniature orange tree. These will grow inside if kept in bright light, and will provide tiny, delicious oranges. Prune it like a bonsai tree for another touch of exoticism.