Bring the beach to your bathroom!

This color palette yearns for the beach as the season changes. This is a great palette and look for a bathroom in a beach house or in the home of anyone who loves sand between their toes! It focuses on bright blue, teal, and some more neutral yellow–and lots of nautical motifs.


Cute Utility

The big piece in this ensemble is this designer coral-patterned shower curtain, which we absolutely love! Soak up surrounded by an attractive coral motif. To maximize teal, we’ve chosen a cute, hand-painted mason jar bath set that brings a great, upcycled washed-up-from-the-bay feel. We’ve fallen in love with this driftwood mirror, featuring all sorts of artifacts from the sea like starfish and shells!



Harbor Hanging & Storage

Simple white baskets make for a great, bright but neutral way to store things (maybe for guests?) under the counter or in the closet. Or you can use them to hold some deep-sea treasures (more on those below)! We love these seashell catch-all dishes (go for blue or green to keep with the palette theme), which can be used to hold soap, your favorite jewelry or more. Finally, affix these pretty turquoise-painted mermaid hooks for hanging go-to garments or towels from the walls or door.


For the Wall

Remember when we mentioned deep-sea treasures? These natural sugar starfish are to die for, and they–or other starfish or shells–would look amazing propped up against the wall on shelving. We also love the bright color of these coral and sea urchin wall prints!


For the Countertop & Windowsill

It’s not exactly from the beach, but we think the dry look of a small air plant terrarium fits the motif and adds a little touch of green. Meanwhile, the deep teal color of these vases is brilliant!