Don’t toss it out–make something new!

When the holidays are over and done with, you might find yourself with rolls upon rolls of unused wrapping paper left behind. It’s thrifty to hold onto it for future gifts, but how else can it be used? We’ve got quite a few clever ideas for using wrapping paper, whether it’s fresh on the roll or torn to shreds from Christmas morning. Here are some things you can do!

1. Shred it.

New or old wrapping paper can be shredded to be used as a fun, festive package lining. Depending on the paper’s color or pattern, you can use these for future holiday or birthday gifts. Working with pastel colors? Hold onto these shreds for a spring Easter basket a few months down the line. 

2. Cover a book.

Larger pieces of paper that are still in-tact can be used for covering book, notebook or notepad. This craft is best for paper that has fun or pretty patterns on it. Covering a book is quite easy, with little more effort than covering your child’s schoolbooks with a paper bag. Of course, you can use Mod Podge on hard-backed notebooks as well.

3. Decorate the candles.

Buy some plain glass candle holders and use Mod Podge to adhere old wrapping paper to them! They’ll give off a brilliant illuminated glow. For a truly unique work of art–or if you have only scraps to work with–go for a collaged look.

4. Send a DIY envelope.

Make a lasting impression before your loved one even opens your letter! Making your own envelopes is easy: just flatten out a regular one, trace out a pattern, cut, fold and glue! If you have unused extra seasonal paper, this can be a great craft for sending out the cards next year.

5. Frame it.

It might sound crazy, but why not? Put funky wrapping paper designs on display if the colors or texture fit your decor. Or consider stenciling out monograms to frame or adhere to the wall instead!

6. Make stationary accessories.

Save paper for making cards, or make some labels and tags. Get creative! You can also cut strips of wrapping paper to use as decorative bordering in a scrapbook, journal or planner–your own DIY washi tape. Any scrap is worth saving!

7. Marble magnets.

Take plain glass marbles and use Mod Podge to adhere cut-outs from wrapping paper to the back. Remember to use the flattened glass marbles that look like pebbles – not round ones. Look for fun motifs on the wrapping paper like snowflakes, a snowman’s head, patterns or whatever catches your eye. Hot glue a small magnet to the back, let dry, then stick to the fridge!

8.  Upgrade shoe boxes.

Is your closet stocked with empty shoe boxes? Dress them up with wrapping paper and make them look great! Now you’ll have DIY fanciful storage boxes that you’ll want to keep on display–which means whatever you store in them will stay in easy reach!

9. Decorate the next party.

Save scraps and cut into flag shapes (or letters, or any shape you’d like) to make a festive and fun garland to hang. You can also turn scraps into confetti to be used for all sorts of occasions.

10. Line drawers.

Use heavy-weight paper to serve as lining for your drawers, trolleys, trays and more! Be sure to iron out wrinkles before adhering, and use a piece that’s big enough for the space you’re lining–you don’t want seams to mess up or detract from the pattern.

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