Mason Jars are Magical – Ideal to Save Produce and Make Salads Ahead – Here’s how:

I am in LOVE with Mason Jars for anything. Mix the two together and you’ve got – amazing Salads, and or Meals in a Mason Jar!

It’s so easy, the key is this. Just make sure you put the dressing, goopy, oily, wet part on the bottom of the jar. So put it in there first. Also key, to make sure your lettuce and all of the veggies are super dry after rinsing, so there is not humidity left in the jar. And, layer the type of food from thick ( think barrier) to thinner ( think sesame seed) to eventually the lettuce on the very top, or last thing you put in the jar.

Now for the jar, I found some amazing 3 cup jars at Michael’s Craft stores. Let me know if you can find them elsewhere. They weren’t much – under 4$. And it’s handy to have a good sized jar.

Now, for – The Layer Salad – from Joan Kane with the Cindy twist :

Put these ingredients into mason jar in this order

  • Dressing – ( Mayonaise, Rice Vinegar, Sweetener ( stevia)
  • Bell Peppers – Red and Orange – chopped
  • Celery – sliced and diced
  • Green Onions- chopped
  • Peas – frozen that you thaw almost all the way – still crispy
  • Mozarella Cheese shredded
  • Bacon Bits ( turkey bacon bits work well too)
  • Iceberg lettuce ( chopped)