For me, working in a restaurant started as a necessity to pay the bills. I had a wife to support, so I jumped at the chance to wash dishes in one of L.A’s finest and top rated restaurants, The Parkway Grill, in Pasadena. Little did I know this opportunity would become a chance of a life time – my private culinary school and any chef’s dream come true. Here in this kitchen I learned everything from the ground up, and with my eyes and ears open, I was quickly promoted from washing dishes to cooking side-by-side with the legendary Chef Hugo Molina, who was recently named one of the top 25 chefs in the world! It was here at Chef Molina’s side, at the saute’ station, where I developed my passion for cooking and learned my craft.

  •  When Chef Molina left to open his namesake restaurant, Sanchez followed and worked as Molina’s sous chef beginning in 1997.
  • Sanchez was offered his own kitchen when Café Verde opened in 2002. There he designed a café menu featuring offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • In 2004 Sanchez was offered the opportunity to return to Parkway Grill as sous chef. He took the job and was eager to take on the challenge,
  • During his time as sous chef, Sanchez worked along several talented executive chefs, learning new techniques and skills from each.
  • Sanchez was given control of the kitchen at Parkway Grill as Executive Chef, and he ran the kitchen for 5 years.
  • Then in May of 2013 Sanchez joined the Crossings Restaurant team which opened in South Pasadena in December of 2013, and has quickly earned high praise. Lalo designed the new restaurant’s menu focused on a variety of seafood and chops with fresh local produce. The philosophy of Sanchez’s menu is it is not “chef driven” it is “ingredient driven”, allowing the best ingredients available to inspire the dishes at Crossings.


kinfe-iconLalo’s Recipes

Oxtail with Toasted Polenta (Appetizer)
Striped Bass (Entrée)
Mascarpone Mousse and Blueberry Compote (Dessert)