Make Chalkboard Paint

When you have kids, you’re going to have chalk. Chalk is just a product that seems to come with the territory. And hey, when you consider the alternatives, chalk is not bad stuff to have around. It generally doesn’t stain or permanently alter a surface, (even clothing.) It’s generally non-toxic. And it can be quite useful under certain circumstances.


Game On

Tic-tac-toe, Hang Man, even table football, it’s easy to make a changeable game board with chalkboard paint. For some game board great ideas check out Pencil and Paper Games.
Chalkboard paint can be expensive, but thanks to Martha Stewart and the internet, DIY chalkboard paint is as near as your local home improvement store. You can make it in any color you like and it’s considerably cheaper than the over-the-counter brand.

Chalkboard Paint Recipe

Using Martha’s recipe we can take an ordinary dorm trunk and turn it an awesome game center and storage space for a child’s room.


1 pints of Acrylic paint (black plus 3-4 bright colors)
Small bag of unsanded tile grout
Paint Stirrer
Dorm trunk
Stencils (optional)
Painter’s tape

Purchase the dorm trunk at a retailer like Wal-Mart for around $50. I found the one that I used on for free. You can also place an ad on in the “Wanted” section or check your local Goodwill.


Mix paint colors according to Martha’s recipe. I used black for my base color. Then I chose 3 bright colors for my accents.

Clean trunk and tape off any of the hardware. Apply base color to the top and four sides of the trunk with a roller or sponge type paint brush. (It is not necessary to paint the bottom.) Let the base color set for several hours until it dries completely.

Use accent colors and stencils to paint 3 or 4 simple games on the top.

Once paint is dry, hold a piece of chalk sideways. Rub the wide edge against the painted surface. Then erase it. This will condition the surface so the kids can write on it. That is all it takes to make a great toy box or storage area that doubles as a fun game center for your kids.

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