Storing Your Pool Stuff By The Pool

Now you have your staycation pool resort
You don’t want it to look cluttered with toys and stuff.  So, how best to pack away the things you and your family…
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Bring The Hawaiian Tropics To Your Yard

You don’t have to be in Hawaii to feel like you’re in Hawaii

If Hawaii or some other tropical destination is your dream vacation, why not bring the vacation to…
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DIY Tiki Torches and Plant Labels

Tiki torch lamps add so much beauty and summer tropics to your outdoor space
But why not make it yourself? All you need are some wine bottles, or water…
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How to Make an Adirondack Chair

Summer living screams spending time relaxing on some comfy patio furniture 
And while there are a lot of great options to choose from at your favorite store, or showroom, Eric…
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What to Buy in May for Your Home

From mattresses, to home office equipment to patio furniture
May is a great time to find deals on all of this stuff! Who knew? And around Memorial Day weekend…
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A Small Sleeping Porch Inspired by Old Ships

Three ships painted on wood paneled murphy beds tucked into the wall
These ships became the inspiration for designer Paul Divine who transformed the Sleeping Porch in this year’s…
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How PVC Can Pretty Up Your Patio

Who knew?
PVC that white piping you associate with outdoor sprinkler systems can actually transform your outdoor living space from arbors and trellises to mailboxes and fences and m ore….
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Outdoor Living Magic

Think Water and Fire
If you want to tap the senses as you create the ultimate Outdoor Living Paradise, remember to include water and fire ~ They soothe and touch…
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Inexpensive Outdoor Living Room Ideas

Stylish Outdoor Living That’s Easy on Your Wallet

Leave it to Landscape Designer Shirley Bovshow to come up with a solution for your garden that is not only gorgeous and…
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