Outdoor Projects

Feed Your Veggie Garden with a Fish Pond

It’s known as Hydroponics and Aquaponics
Think the cycle of life.  Here’s how it works.  You have a pond and waterfall that not only create the relaxing sounds of water…
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How PVC Can Pretty Up Your Patio

Who knew?
PVC that white piping you associate with outdoor sprinkler systems can actually transform your outdoor living space from arbors and trellises to mailboxes and fences and m ore….
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Outdoor Living Magic

Think Water and Fire
If you want to tap the senses as you create the ultimate Outdoor Living Paradise, remember to include water and fire ~ They soothe and touch…
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Vegetable Gardening For Health and Wealth

Home grown vegetables are so tasty
Veges grown in your own garden are rewarding and give you that sense of empowerment—especially when it works!  That is why Bunny Henderson, a…
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Inexpensive Outdoor Living Room Ideas

Stylish Outdoor Living That’s Easy on Your Wallet

Leave it to Landscape Designer Shirley Bovshow to come up with a solution for your garden that is not only gorgeous and…
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Success in the Garden

Take the “Greek” and the Latin Out
Too many of us avoid time in the garden because let’s face it, we either don’t have the time, or we are fear…
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