Outdoor Projects

Building an Outdoor Kitchen

It’s Easier Than Ever With This New Concept

The folks at Eldorado Stone have made the Outdoor Living Room and Outdoor Kitchen just that much more attainable. One of their…
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The Look of Stone And No Masonry Required

Cool New Product You Screw Into Wall

The next time you imagine how you could create an outdoor kitchen, a new backsplash, a fireplace, or wall of any kind that…
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Just Add Water – The DIY Project in a Bag

New Concrete Products With Color and Solutions

Whether it’s creating a kitchen countertop, making a new floor for your garage, adding color and the look of stone to your setting,…
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Outdoor Christmas Lights

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights, and the Newest Styles
It’s time to deck out your home’s exterior with holiday lights, but before you do, we have tips to first…
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Compost Tea

Compost Tea is a  Cool Cuppa Grow

Included in this article:

Fertilizer in a Tea Cup… Not
Brew Up Some Compost Tea
Eric’s Compost Tea Recipe

You’ve heard me talk about compost before. I…
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Gardening Tricks without Spending a Fortune

Eric and I are plant-aholics
Before you spend all that money – here are some ways to get into the fun of gardening while saving some cash. One of our…
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Landscape Lighting How To’s

Install Your Own Landscape Lights
On a scale of 1-10, Eric calls it a “3” as DIY projects go – meaning, this is do-able, even if you DON’T consider yourself…
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Bringing Hummingbirds to Your Garden

I have a hummingbird feeder. Scratch that… two hummingbird feeders!
I’m always amazed to see the hummingbirds not only fly backwards, but actually sit and perch on the feeder! That’s…
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Storing Your Pool Stuff By The Pool

Now you have your staycation pool resort
You don’t want it to look cluttered with toys and stuff.  So, how best to pack away the things you and your family…
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Swimming Pools – New Designs and Considerations

It’s relaxing, resort- like and luxurious…
But there are costs and design issues to consider when thinking about if a swimming pool is for you. New trends continue to…
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