Outdoor Projects

Ring of Fire – Outdoor Firepits

Backyard firepits are hot. They can toast marshmallows and melt the soles of your shoes. But mostly, they create a relaxing atmosphere where family and friends enjoy the warmth…
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Patio Lighting Techniques

Use outdoor lighting in layers to create mood, drama and effect in your landscape.
It’s time to hang out with friends and family outside, and we have some great ideas…
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Tips for Raising Backyard Chickens

Advice on starting your own flock.
People are more and more concerned with what they’re eating each day, and care very much about where their food is coming from. Homesteaders,…
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Choosing Patio Furniture

Explore different designs, materials and functionality to help when choosing patio furniture for your home.
Choosing patio furniture can be a perplexing task with all the different types that are…
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Host a Successful Garage Sale

Make money on your garage sale with these marketing and organization tips.
We’ve made hundreds of dollars on garage sales and have helped plenty of friends and family members host…
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Garden Lights

Turn something pretty into pretty spectacular.
Adding some light to your patio, your yard or balcony can turn something pretty into pretty spectacular! The sky is truly the limit.  I…
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How to Make Your Yard Feel Like a 5 Star Resort

How to decorate your patio and home so you feel you’re at a resort!
1. Plant Lush Layers
From towering shade trees to midsize shrubs to low-lying ground cover, using different-size…
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Outdoor Movie Night

Create Your Own Drive In Theater
If you have been longing for those Drive-In theater experiences you must make your own at home. It’s as simple as using a sheet,…
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Terracotta Pots

Endless Ways to Use Terracotta Pots and Enjoy Them
Terra Cotta Pots are not only great in the garden for what they were made for, a container for plants, but…
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Outdoor Lighting How To’s

Installing a Kit in a Day

For as little as $150 or so and just a few hours, you can transform your front or back yard with a kit of…
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