Tapping into as many of the senses as possible
Is always a guaranteed to heighten your home living experience – the garden included.  So, while you may have music in…
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Ornamental Grasses

Want an alternative to real lawn?

If you are looking for an alternative to your lawn that will not only save water, but create privacy and a look of a…
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Project in a Day – Homemade Stepping Stones

Homemade stepping stones
They are a great way to personalize your garden, walkway, or anywhere! These stepping stones make great gifts and are also great keepsakes if they are…
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Ground Covers – Walkable and Worthy Alternatives to Grass

Groundcovers – Walkable and Worthy
There are dozens of great options if you are looking for an alternative to grass, or a supplement for your gardening needs!  Here are some…
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Shopping for Plants – Where, When and Why?

When and where to plant what
Do you go to a Big Box or the mom and pop private specialty Nursery to fill up your garden, your balcony, your home…
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Fairy Gardens

Landscapes with fairies and gnomes
I have a ceramic gnome in my garden and I’ve always been fond of Tinkerbell, but can you really bring real fairies and gnomes to…
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Using Previously “Loved” Junk for Garden Personality

Call it Junk, call it Salvage, whatever it is…
If it’s been used by you or someone else before, consider it as a creative and fun way to add life…
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Simple Green

The Green for the Next Generation a Theme at Builders’ Show 2012
Everyone has heard of going green to the point where sometimes it seems cliché’ . At this year’s…
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Getting Orchids to Flower

Orchids are a beautiful flower, although they can be difficult to maintain
They look amazing in full bloom, but it’s not always so easy to achieve that. Keys to getting…
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Rose Care – Pruning Time

Cutting back roses is important but don’t be afraid
Lance Walheim who is a garden guru and author of endless books including Roses for Dummies talks about the how, the…
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