Gardening Tricks without Spending a Fortune

Eric and I are plant-aholics
Before you spend all that money – here are some ways to get into the fun of gardening while saving some cash. One of our…
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Landscape Lighting How To’s

Install Your Own Landscape Lights
On a scale of 1-10, Eric calls it a “3” as DIY projects go – meaning, this is do-able, even if you DON’T consider yourself…
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Summer Flower Planting Ideas

Summer is the time to get more perennials in the ground
Since they are blooming in the nurseries and garden centers, it’s ideal to see which ones you love and…
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Garden Ideas, Color Palettes and Hillside Solutions

Purple and Neon Green. Silver and Blue. Pink and Orange.
These are some of the hot color palettes to consider for your garden! But how to mix and match…
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Apps to Help Your Garden Grow

Garden Apps
There are great gardening books to help you know more about what to plant and where to be more successful and create a gorgeous landscape. And chances are…
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Bring The Hawaiian Tropics To Your Yard

You don’t have to be in Hawaii to feel like you’re in Hawaii

If Hawaii or some other tropical destination is your dream vacation, why not bring the vacation to…
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DIY Tiki Torches and Plant Labels

Tiki torch lamps add so much beauty and summer tropics to your outdoor space
But why not make it yourself? All you need are some wine bottles, or water…
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Easy Roses – Really!

Roses get a bad reputation as being prima donnas, divas, and just hard to live with
Funny thing is there is a rose named Prima Donna!  But truthfully, roses aren’t…
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Pretty Pruning – There is an Art to It

We’ve all seen trees and shrubs hacked off without any rhyme or reason. 
But if cleaning up either to enhance your view, or tidy up the yard is something you…
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Vintage-Restoration Garden

Trash or treasure?
Before you trash that old kid’s flyer wagon, bathtub and old windows or reclaimed wood you may have sitting in the garage, consider repurposing those things in…
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