Pests and Problems

Bug Bites and Natural Remedies

Summer around the house can take a bite out of you, if you aren’t careful
From spider and mosquito bites to other insects. But there are a number of things…
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The Avocado Arch Enemy

The Asian Beetle!
It’s a bug the size of a sesame seed and it could devastate the avocado crops and industry! Homeowners and growers are keeping an eye out for…
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Citrus Diseases

It is a disease that already has paralyzed Florida’s Citrus Industry
Now has been spotted in Southern California for the first time! The disease is carried by this tiny bug…
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Monarch Butterflies

Everything you want to know about Monach butterflies
David Snow is in studio helping to explain the wonderful world of monarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies are not able to survive the…
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