Bye Bye, Fruit Fly! How to Keep Your Kitchen Fruit Fly Free!

How to get rid of a pesky fruit fly – fast! – using two things you may already have in your kitchen!
Fruit flies can be a crazy critter in…
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10 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves

Repurpose used coffee grounds and tea leaves
We don’t have to tell you how popular coffee and espresso drinks have become. Whether you grind your own beans or pop a…
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The Five Most Important Herbs to Grow for the Home Cook

Five Common Herbs to Grow and Enjoy
The five most important herbs to grow for the home cook are the ones the cook would use most frequently.  Many recipes include…
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A Safe Pet For The Great Outdoors

Summertime is a great time for the Great Outdoors with your pet. But before you hit the beach, lake, pool or trails, here are some tips and tricks to…
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Top 20 Foods to Re-grow from Kitchen Scraps

Expand your garden and save money by growing your own food from kitchen scraps
Don’t throw those scraps away! Growing your own food from leftovers that you toss in the…
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Get Rid of Gnats on House Plants

Control pesky fungus gnats on your plants with these easy remedies.
Like people, most house plants enjoy their time outside in the summer to bask in warm sunshine before you…
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Urban Gardening Tips

Growing an urban garden on a balcony or rooftop isn’t as difficult as it seems with the right conditions and containers.
Even if you live in the middle of a…
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Growing Herbs: DIY Raised Herb Garden

There is nothing more satisfying then growing, harvesting and using your own herbs.
Fresh herbs from your garden are a powerful and aromatic addition to your cuisine as well as…
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Save and Use Mismatched Socks for Unconventional Uses

Save and use mismatched socks for unconventional uses including cleaning, making toys for kids and pets and many other useful things around the house.
Make a rule in your house…
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Gardening Tips: Saving Seeds

Your favorite fruits and vegetables can get a second, third and even fourth pass at your plate if you recycle your seeds.
Natural Selection
Determine which seeds you want to…
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