Grow Your Own Food

Secrets to Growing Tomatoes

Find out the top secrets to growing tomatoes that are beautiful and delicious.
Nothing is better than picking a fresh, ripe tomato from the vine and taking a delicious, juicy…
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10 DIY Garden Markers

Homemade garden markers to label your herbs and plants.
When planting an herb or vegetable garden, you’ll want to label everything so you can keep track of what’s there and…
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Seed Catalogs

Nothing is better than sitting near the fire on a rainy or snowy winter day and pursuing piles of seed catalogs and planning the garden to be planted in…
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Hot Garden Trends

Miniature, Edible and More
Gardening is very personal and your chance to express your creativity, but like anything it’s fun to infuse your favorites with a few of the emerging…
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Growing Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies in the Garden

You know how great herbal teas and other herbal remedies are for your health? Instead of buying them at the grocery or vitamin/health food store,…
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Edible Gardening in a Day

There’s always time to grow something edible in your garden
For summer it’s about tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and more. Here are some of my solutions to get it all…
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Cocktail Gardens

It’s a big trend among mixologists and is a great addition to any gardener’s edible collection!
We’re talking about the flavoring and accents that may go into a beverage- from…
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The Avocado Arch Enemy

The Asian Beetle!
It’s a bug the size of a sesame seed and it could devastate the avocado crops and industry! Homeowners and growers are keeping an eye out for…
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Citrus Diseases

It is a disease that already has paralyzed Florida’s Citrus Industry
Now has been spotted in Southern California for the first time! The disease is carried by this tiny bug…
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Tomato 101 – The Terms to be a Successful Tomato Maniac!

More people grew tomatoes last year than in a decade!
What is it about that delicious, bright, juicy, scrumptious fruit that we crave to enjoy and grow ourselves in…
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