Make Your Own De-Icer

Say goodbye to frost–without breaking the bank.
It’s that dreaded time of year: you’re rushing to get ready to work only to find that your car is covered in ice….
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Holiday Stain Solutions

Try these tips for getting stains out of holiday clothes, linens, carpets or furniture.
It’s two days from the holiday party you’ve been planning to host for months and you…
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Festive Potpourri Recipes

Make your home smell like Christmas–no baking necessary!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but what about the smell? Don’t think your home is done just because you’ve…
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How to Care for Your Poinsettia

The favorite holiday houseplant ranges from white to fiery red. Take good care of yours to make it last longer than your Christmas decorations.
Poinsettias make wonderful hostess gifts and…
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Small Indoor Winter Gardening Ideas

Indoor projects that children and seniors will love!
When the weather outside is frightful, grow indoors! The wintertime doesn’t have to mean the end of getting your hands dirty with…
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How To Choose A Blender

You’re getting settled into the apartment of your dreams – you are unpacking, getting ready for a beautiful first day… And there you have it, the blender got broken…
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Chefs at Home – Holiday Cooking with Cindy & Eric

We share our holiday cooking tips and recipes! Find out what Eric cooks every year for his family.

One of the challenges of cooking for the holidays is getting all…
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Chefs At Home Recipe: Artichokes

Hungry to try? Here’s how we can all be Chefs At Home with this delicious Grilled Artichokes appetizer recipe
Grilled Artichokes

1 cup White wine
2 tablespoons Lemon juice
2 cups Olive oil
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Chefs At Home Recipe: Rib Roast and Three Side Dishes

Mouth watering? You’re in luck! We can be Chefs At Home with these recipes for a Standing Rib Roast Complete With Three Side Dishes.
Eric’s Standing Rib Roast

1 standing rib…
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Chefs at Home Recipe: Decadent Mousse

Want to serve up this restaurant quality dessert to your friends and family? You can! We can be Chefs At Home with this Decadent Chocolate Mousse dessert recipe as…
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