House Plants

The Dish – on Dish Gardens

Miniature Landscape Gardens in a Bowl

If you are looking to bring plants inside your home and want a feeling of a landscape, you should consider creating your own Dish…
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Airplants – The It Plant You Will Love Inside and Out

Eric and I have fallen in love with Airplants!
They are officially called Tillandsias from Mexico, South and Central America and they make terrific houseplants or outdoor exotic plants in…
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Bringing Hummingbirds to Your Garden

I have a hummingbird feeder. Scratch that… two hummingbird feeders!
I’m always amazed to see the hummingbirds not only fly backwards, but actually sit and perch on the feeder! That’s…
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Succulent Stream Steals The Show – And Saves Water

Beautiful Outdoor Design Using Less Water

It’s the centerpiece of Anne Phillips’ outdoor designs at the Pasadena Showcase House that is not only stunning and creative, but water saving!  Phillips…
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Shopping for Plants – Where, When and Why?

When and where to plant what
Do you go to a Big Box or the mom and pop private specialty Nursery to fill up your garden, your balcony, your home…
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Must Try Plants for Spring

They are vibrant, whimsy, colorful and are sure to add interest to your garden
Check out the must try plants and flowers for the spring.  And be sure to check…
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Getting Orchids to Flower

Orchids are a beautiful flower, although they can be difficult to maintain
They look amazing in full bloom, but it’s not always so easy to achieve that. Keys to getting…
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