House Plants

Get Rid of Gnats on House Plants

Control pesky fungus gnats on your plants with these easy remedies.
Like people, most house plants enjoy their time outside in the summer to bask in warm sunshine before you…
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Top 10 Easiest House Plants

Low-maintenance plants that won’t die on you!
All it takes is a house plant to add a touch of nature to your home. They may also purify the air for…
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Health Benefits of Houseplants

Putting a plant in your home or office can improve a room’s look and boost your health.
How often do you itch to get outside on a cloudy, or simply…
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How to Make Your Own Succulent Terrarium!

Succulent Terrariums are Addicting, Easy and Fun to Keep Inside!
Here’s How:
Find a clear glass vessel /jar you love – online they sell special terrarium balls you can hang, or…
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Small Garden Ideas for Your Apartment

Window Boxes and More for Urban Gardening
Living in an urban apartment doesn’t mean forsaking foliage and greenery completely. Even with limited space and no yard, you can still grow…
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Bug Eating-Carnivorous Plants

Why You Need Carnivorous Plants In Your Home and Garden
They are gorgeous, exotic and like a super-model, alluring! They have the power to draw in bugs, from spiders and…
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Forcing Bulbs Now

How to Capture Spring all Year Round
There is nothing more spectacular than a spring garden in full splendor. The show it puts on will take your breath away. With…
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Orchids getting them to bloom and rebloom

Here are some tips for getting Orchids to rebloom

Pay attention to watering and humidity
Fertilize regularly
Make sure plants get enough light—but not too much
Provide cool nights

When it comes to…
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How to Mount an Air Plant to a Branch

I love Air plants
Officially known as the Tillandsia. I hope you will give them a try if you haven’t already! Once you get the “air plant bug” you…
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Home Wizards – Best House Plants for the Bedroom

Breathe New Life Into Your Rooms

Indoor plants can make a huge different to the feel of any room. Get the right plant to breath life into your room.