Gardens for Kids

Pass down the knowledge of nurturing plants for beauty and food by creating a garden for kids.
It is important to pass on information from generation to generation and gardening…
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Turn Your Child’s Bedroom into a Secret Superhero Lair

Superheroes have been exciting role models for children since the advent of daily comics in America, and with today’s Hollywood trends we seem to be in the midst of…
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Plant a Garden in an Egg Shell

Plant a garden in an eggshell using grass seed and make it into an egghead character the kids will love.
A fun family project during spring is to plant a…
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Spring Break Fun for Kids

Spring break gives kids a respite from school for about one week- Here’s how to get them motivated beyond a joy stick, mobile device, monitor and video game
Get the…
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Safety Tips for New Baby

How to Make Your Home Safe for Baby
There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home a new member of the family. But whether your baby is happy to sit in…
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Heart-Shaped Food for Valentines Day that Kids will Love

Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Food is easy to make and kids will love that you took the time to make a special treat for the holiday.
Why not make everything heart…
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Organize Your Sitter Info For Kids and Pets

Use your home binder to keep house and pet sitters up to speed and save yourself some time.
You know the drill. You’re getting ready to head out of town…
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Kid Disaster Kits

Kid’s Emergency Bag of Tricks
Included in this article

No Power Hour
Shopping Lists, include the kids.
Now for the real trick.

These days it doesn’t seem to matter where you live, at some…
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Fun Kid Activities at Home for Summer

Fun Kid Activities
Eric is always great for some quick and creative solutions for that summertime moan – “I’m bored, I have nothing to do!” As a dad of three,…
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From Baby’s Bottom to Your Garden?

Repurposing Diapers for the Garden

Composting is all the rage in the garden – to not only feed your plants rich nutrients, but be environmentally friendly by repurposing nature.  Now…
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