Make Home a StayCation

Quick and Do-Able Ideas

Tip – something as simple as having a pitcher of water in a glass pitcher with spout filled with lemons, limes and cucumbers will relax you…
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Couple Décor

Avoiding His and Her Battles Over the Home Space

Funny how your stuff is a treasure and someone else’s is clutter? Well sometimes it can feel that way and when…
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Aromatherapy for the Home

Bring the Scent of a Spa to Your Rooms

The secret to giving your home that spa like scent is as easy as these 5 oils you can keep in…
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What to Do With a Blank Wall

Attention Grabber

So many possibilities with what to do with that blank wall staring back at you. Listen to Cindy and Eric share some ideas to help get you going.

Shelving 101

Great Ideas to Display Things on Walls

Shelving is an inexpensive and efficient way to add instant space! Plus it’s a fun way to show off your collection(s) and décor….
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Cool Thermostats with iPad Technology and Quiet Ventilation

New Innovations to Control Temperature and Air Quality in a Smart Way

Controlling the air temperature in your home is now even cooler thanks to the icomfort and iharmony systems…
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Go Ahead – Write on The Walls

Dry Erase Paint – and 2013 Colors

If you love to brainstorm, plan or just express your creativity around you, check out the cool solution just out by Sherwin Williams…
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Romantic Dining

Included in this article: 

Romantic dining – you got this
Why it’s great
The secret weapon

I’m here to help. If your drain’s clogged, I’ll tell you how to unclog it. If you…
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What to Bring For the Host or Hostess This Holiday

Get in the Kitchen

When someone else is doing the cooking for the holidays, you want to help, but not upstage the chef.

And sure, you may be assigned to bring…
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Get Ready for Guests

No Stress! Prepare for House Guests!

Included in this article:

Plan ahead
Four simple things to remember
Special touches

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your old college roomie, a favorite gad-about aunt or [whimper]…
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