What’s Hot in Antiques

Hot collectibles you oughta seek out.
As technology takes over our lives, people are more casually turning to antique and vintage goods–it’s not just for antique enthusiasts whom have made…
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Control Your House with Your Smartphone

How To Control Your Appliances from Anywhere.
As the internet creeps further into our lives, it’s almost become standard for homeowners to communicate with internet-connected home appliances via their phones,…
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Mason Jar Meals

Make, store & transport delicious meals in mason jars.
You don’t have to sacrifice a good meal when you’re low on time: prepare a few servings and meals packed in…
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Turn Your Child’s Bedroom into a Secret Superhero Lair

Superheroes have been exciting role models for children since the advent of daily comics in America, and with today’s Hollywood trends we seem to be in the midst of…
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Fireplace Tips: Safety and Decor

Tips and Talk from the Home Wizards on all things “Fireplace”
During the colder seasons, whether you experience the frigid temps of a Chicago winter or whether the Southern Californian…
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The Simplicity of Flower Arranging

How to make your own flower arrangements

Not much more acutely brings home the reality of a global economy like fresh flowers. More than half our fresh flowers arrive from…
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How to make your home a welcome place

for overnight guests during the holidays
Have you ever gone to stay overnight at an out-of-town friend’s house where they threw you in the extra bedroom along with all the…
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Methods for Drying Herbs

Consider drying your herbs for a fresher alternative to store-bought varieties

Drying your own herbs makes for tastier dishes and a fatter wallet! It’s a simple process and your guests…
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Edible Flowers: Please Do Eat the Daisies

Go Ahead, Eat the Centerpiece

One of my favorite flowers is lavender. It reminds of the lavender fields of France and Spain. I love its unmistakable musky, floral scent…
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How to Make Your Yard Feel Like a 5 Star Resort

How to decorate your patio and home so you feel you’re at a resort!
1. Plant Lush Layers
From towering shade trees to midsize shrubs to low-lying ground cover, using different-size…
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