10 Upcycled Bottle Projects

Turn your used bottles into cool things!
If it’s easy to amass anything, it’s bottles–glass, plastic, whatever! When taking a big haul to the recycling bin at the end of…
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Springtime Craft Ideas

Make the most of the season with simple springtime crafts!
When spring rolls around, the world bursts in color and new outdoor possibilities of fun. What better way to celebrate…
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DIY Steps to Stencilling Your Walls

How To Make Your Own Stencil for Your Wall

How to Make Your Own Curtains

DIY Curtains
Let the sunshine in, or maybe not. Just how much sunlight you let into your house is up to you when you make your own curtains.

Install Your Hardware
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Homemade Wine Charms

To Give as Gifts
A very nice gift to give to someone who hosts many get-togethers were wine is served, is a set of homemade wine charms. Wine charms wrap…
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Make an Old Mailbox Fancy!

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Beautify what would otherwise be any other mailbox using simple tools

Maybe you have leftover tiles from a kitchen or bathroom renovation! Make use of them with this creative…
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Chalk It Up

Make Chalkboard Paint

When you have kids, you’re going to have chalk. Chalk is just a product that seems to come with the territory. And hey, when you consider the…
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DIY Chandeliers

Cool DIY Chandeliers

Chandeliers can really make a room look 100% better. But can be so expensive! Here’s some DIY Chandelier tips from Cindy and Eric.

Show Your Old Retro TV Some Love

Check out these creative ways to re-purpose your old TV console!

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Put a Cork in It

Corks Corks Corks!

In This Article:

Wine Cork Art
More Fun with Wine Corks

About Wine Cork Art

I love pairing up something that needs to be repurposed with a great idea. I…
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