5 DIY Placemats

Placemats are very fun to personalize if you have the time to make it special and your own. Even if you consider yourself a butterfingers with sewing, you can…
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Making Seed Bombs

Guerilla gardening made easy!
Whether you live in the suburbs or the city, seed bombs can be a great way to promote beautification–and making them is a fun craft for…
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Reusing Plastic Bags

Give those plastic grocery bags a new life!
Plastic bags pile up fast! Just one trip to the grocery store can end up with a dozen (or two dozen, or…
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Repurpose Clothing into Decor

Upcycle your clothes into functional DIY decor!
Trying to clear out the closet? Or perhaps you’re bored of last season’s fashion? It’s silly to throw away perfectly good clothing after…
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Craft Closet Organizing Ideas

Organize a storage and work space for craft supplies and craft projects
Whether the extent of your craftiness is regular gift wrapping or full-blown family involvement in handmade holiday gifts,…
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Kids Summer Crafts

Have materials on hand for kids summer crafts when the kids start to get bored.
How many times have parents heard the phrase, “There is nothing to do,” whined by…
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Save and Use Mismatched Socks for Unconventional Uses

Save and use mismatched socks for unconventional uses including cleaning, making toys for kids and pets and many other useful things around the house.
Make a rule in your house…
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DIY Projects with Wood

You can do nearly anything with wood. These ideas will get you on your way, inspiring you to try more and more difficult projects
Wood is the amazing material. It’s…
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Creative Uses for Chalkboard Paint

Fun chalkboard paint ideas for the home.
Chalkboard paint lets you turn any surface into a chalkboard, which makes it a product rich in inspiration and possibility. Everyone loves to…
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Repurpose an Old Fish Tank

Recycle an old aquarium into something new!
While fish have the reputation of being low-maintenance, some find that keeping an aquarium healthy and happy is more work than they’ve bargained…
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