Energy Efficiency

Light Switches, Dimmers and USB Port in One

Combining Technology for Energy Efficiency and Convenience

The folks at Leviton are out with some new solutions for your dimmers, lighting, and audio technology as well as keeping cords at…
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Compost Tea

Compost Tea is a  Cool Cuppa Grow

Included in this article:

Fertilizer in a Tea Cup… Not
Brew Up Some Compost Tea
Eric’s Compost Tea Recipe

You’ve heard me talk about compost before. I…
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Glass Garage Doors with Style and Efficiency

The Beauty of Glass Garage Doors

There are garage doors and then there are those garage doors that add to the design appeal of a home. BP Glass Garage Doors…
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It’s Eco Fabulous! An Eco Friendly Dream Home

Green AND Stylish!

It’s functional, beautiful, affordable and using reclaimed and sustainable things! Take a tour of Modern Living Show House created by Zem Joaquin and architect Jonathan Davis of…
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Rebates For Going Green – The Green Point Rated Label Program

Go Green and Get Your Money Back

Go here for the gallery of Green Point Rated house!

If you live in L.A. County , you have a chance to get $2,000…
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Innovative Cabinets Go Automated

Smart Cabinets

Cabinets are getting smarter and smarter so when you can’t reach them, they will do all the work for you!  The Hafele company is all about integrating that…
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Kitchen & Bath Show 2012

KBIS – is the world’s largest Kitchen and Bath Trade Show

Every year Eric and Cindy love to scope out what is hot, and what is not!  For 2012, we…
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Succulent Stream Steals The Show – And Saves Water

Beautiful Outdoor Design Using Less Water

It’s the centerpiece of Anne Phillips’ outdoor designs at the Pasadena Showcase House that is not only stunning and creative, but water saving!  Phillips…
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From Baby’s Bottom to Your Garden?

Repurposing Diapers for the Garden

Composting is all the rage in the garden – to not only feed your plants rich nutrients, but be environmentally friendly by repurposing nature.  Now…
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Make Everyday Earth Day at Home

Now You’re In The Know!

The Green Label Rebate Program is helping Los Angeles County homeowners get a GreenPoint Rated label for their home. This rebate program is part of…
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