How to Design a Calm Fitness Space

Create a calm setting for yoga and more.
Getting a good workout means putting some stress on the body, not your mind. That’s why it’s important to create a calm…
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DIY: Make a Plywood Bookshelf

Make a sturdy & affordable shelf yourself!
Bookshelves can run you a pretty penny, but they’re also pretty easy to make yourself! In fact, you can do most of the…
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Winter Remodeling Project: Update a Tired Bathroom

If it’s tougher to work outdoors this winter, bring your energy inside and use it to update a tired bathroom. We’ve got ideas ranging from inexpensive and easy to…
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Winter Remodeling Project: Replace Outdated Faucets and Fixtures

Looking for some indoor projects that you can complete during cold winter weekends? Look no further than your bath, powder or laundry room. It’s time to replace outdated faucets…
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Fixes for Pet Damaged Furniture

Puppy chew marks, cat scratches and dog vomit. Sounds like the making of a horror movie, at least for your nice furniture. Try these ideas to fix the damage…
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10 Tips to Save Money Around the House

Try these tips to save money on everyday expenses for your home.
1. Reuse and re-purpose. You’ll see lots of crafty people making new items out of old. That may…
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Winter Remodeling Project: Update Hall Lighting

Here’s a great indoor project this winter: update or improve your hall lighting to make your hallway brighter, safer or simply more attractive.
When we design or purchase a home,…
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10 Projects You CAN Tackle Before Christmas

Home improvement projects just in time for Santa Claus.
The holiday season is hectic, but that doesn’t mean your attention must go solely to holiday prepping. Believe it or not,…
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How To Pick The Perfect Shower Door

It’s that time of year when company is coming – the holidays are rolling in one after the next and you need your bathroom upgraded in a heartbeat! But…
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Fall Home and Lawn Projects

Before you cozy up in front of the fire, complete a few simple fall projects to keep your home and lawn in tip-top shape come spring.
Every fall, it’s time…
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