Tools and Equipment

Move Over Stainless Steel – Meet Slate The New Finish

Finally A Way to Hang Your Kid’s Art on Appliances

In the kitchen we want more than a great cooking and food preparation experience, but in the heart of the…
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Supersize My Dishwasher

The New Hybrid Stainless Steel – Quiet And Super Clean

It’s all about making appliances that work harder, on less energy and make less noise. GE’s Dan Goldstein talks about…
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Laundry Rooms with Sex Appeal

A New Color to Make Washing Clothes – Hot –

Who enjoys doing laundry, right? Well , it can be more enjoyable if you like how your washer and dryer…
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The Fridge That Makes Coffee

Hot Water with the Press of a Button

The folks at GE have some new tricks up their sleeve, including a new refrigerator that offers hot or cold filtered water…
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Kid Disaster Kits

Kid’s Emergency Bag of Tricks
Included in this article

No Power Hour
Shopping Lists, include the kids.
Now for the real trick.

These days it doesn’t seem to matter where you live, at some…
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Compost Tea

Compost Tea is a  Cool Cuppa Grow

Included in this article:

Fertilizer in a Tea Cup… Not
Brew Up Some Compost Tea
Eric’s Compost Tea Recipe

You’ve heard me talk about compost before. I…
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Putting Together a Plumbing Tool Kit

Tools for the DIY Plumber

Included in this article:

Basic plumbing tools
Where to find them
Insiders secrets

Murphy’s Law of Repairmen states: The rate of failure is inversely proportional to the ease of…
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Shopping for Dishwashers

Finding the Perfect Dishwasher

If doing the dishes is your least favorite thing in the world, get ready to suddenly love the necessary task that comes with making a great…
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WD-40-What You Didn’t Know It Could Do For You!

WD 40 has so many uses, and can fix many problems around your home
The classic saying goes that a guy can solve any home improvement problem with some duct…
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Super Cool Refrigerator Keeps Produce Fresh For Weeks!

Imagine heading home from the farmers’ market you love with a rainbow of fresh veggies and fruits, and having them stay “alive” and fresh for weeks on end?

It’s a…
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