Fast and Fab Decorating Ideas

Have a little time and even less money? Update a room in your home with a quick, easy and inexpensive decorating project.
Updating or improving the look or your home…
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Get Rid Of Ants In Your Kitchen

Tired of those pesky critters? Here’s a way to get rid of ants in your kitchen and keep them out with a handy DIY ant attack kit.
The Ant Attack…
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Show Your Personality in Your Home Office

When designing or remodeling a home office, don’t think you have to sacrifice design for function.
Most home office workers spend their days working out of converted bedrooms, garages or…
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Design a Stunning Entryway

Set the stage with a beautiful foyer.
As the point of entry, your home’s foyer is the first room guests will see and walk through when visiting. This makes it…
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Checklist to Closet Organization Heaven

Get your closet in shape–in 10 easy steps!
It can be a horrible way to begin the day: opening the closet to find a cluttered mess of clothes that’s impossible…
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Customize a Rental Home

Customize a rental home with ideas your landlord will appreciate.
Customizing a rental home is a sometimes a difficult thing to do when you are the renter. There are so…
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Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Some tips on falling asleep fast & waking up feeling refreshed.
If you’ve struggled to fall asleep at night, it’s likely that your routine or environment might be to blame….
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How to Choose Paint

Some simple tips on how to choose paint for your home.
The color of a room can make all the difference. Color can make a room comfortable or uncomfortable.  It…
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5 Tips for a Dog Room

Ideas for giving your pet a space for rest & play!
Why not give your furry friend their own room? A dedicated doggie bedroom or playroom can be a great…
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Turn an Empty Space Into Your Dream Room

Re-purpose a vacant room in your home into the room you’ve always wanted.
When kids move away or other life changes occur, you may find yourself with empty space in…
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