Weekly Color Palette – Glamorous Gilt

A bright, brassy and golden living room!
This week we’re letting the sun in with a bright, bold and gilded look. Pieces you’ll find in this living room design are…
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Decorating Your Bookshelf

Tips to transform your bookshelf into something stunning.
Books are fodder for decorating just as much as they are food for the mind! But a bookshelf lined only with books…
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Weekly Color Palette – Taupe Temptation

A color palette for a sophisticated, neutral bedroom design.
For this week’s color palette, we’re going largely neutral, with taupe, gray and a little blue here and there. This is…
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How To Create A Mini Bar

A cute mini bar is a fun, festive way to create a friendly environment to entertain your guests. Here are some great ways to go about making your party…
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Tips: Photos For Selling Furniture

Show off those antiques!
It’s no secret that when it comes to selling something online, photos are important. In fact, the photo–or, ideally, photos–you put on Craigslist or eBay can…
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Color Palette – From Farm to Table

A comfy, rustic look for your living room.
This week’s color palette is all about making a great, traditional and lived-in space. The palette we’re working with is rich in…
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Make Cheap Flowers Look Great

These hacks will make any arrangement shine!
Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or you’re simply feeling springy, a beautiful bouquet is certainly a panacea–you can’t go wrong…
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DIY Fun and Funky Wall Designs

Decorating your walls with flair and creativity!
Want to decorate your new apartment or spruce up a room that needs a change? You’re in luck! The HomeWizards are back with…
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Weekly Color Palette: Vegan in Fur

A bedroom dressed in faux fur!
This week is wrapped in faux fur! We’re going for a natural look, featuring beautiful brown tones and animal prints. Animal and nature lovers…
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Design a Peaceful Home in 8 Easy Steps

Channel your inner Zen with these simple home changes.
There’s no end to keeping a home tidy, and often you might find yourself drowning under the clutter. If you find…
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