Parties & Entertaining

Host a Great Graduation Party

Make your graduation party fun and inviting for graduates, family and guests with these tips.
Graduation parties mark major milestones for our kids, and they’re times of celebration for families…
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Throw a Stress Free Dinner Party

Host a Great Dinner Without the Headaches!
There’s no better way to welcome a selection of friends into your home than to host a dinner party. You can show off…
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Tips for the Ultimate Memorial Day Burger

Help & inspiration for grilling the best burgers.
Grilling season is upon us, and you might be eager to throw on an apron and get cooking. But before doing so,…
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Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Make your own wedding bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres to save money in your budget for the big day.
There are plenty of ways to save money on your wedding. One…
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DIY Outdoor Wedding on a Budget

Save money on your outdoor wedding with these tips.
There’s no better backdrop for your summer or fall wedding than nature. You can save money on the venue and many…
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Red Carpet Night at Home – Host Celeb Quality Awards Viewing Parties

Party Ideas for Your Awards Season
Awards season 2014 is in full swing—some of you may still be recovering from Golden Globes viewing parties this past Sunday—and you may be…
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Just in Time for the Playoffs: Football Viewing Parties

It’s Game Time

Set the stage for a great party with all the right food, beverages and decorations.

It’s that time of year when colleges find out which teams makes the…
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Wrapper’s Delight

It’s all about the wrapping paper for your presents

It is enough to scramble for last-minute presents. The last thing you want to do on Christmas Eve is to search…
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Clothesline Onesies

An Adorable Way to Display Gifts for Baby

I came across this creative idea online and had to share! Isn’t this the cutest? Hang a clothesline across a wall or…
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Fresh Ideas for Pool Parties

Every Pool Party Doesn’t Have to be Tiki Themed! We’re Thinking of New Ways to Celebrate by the Pool

Pirate Pool Party
The kids will love this one! Kick off the…
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